Tips for Finding a GREAT Tulsa Painter

1. Inexperience can cost you big time. A small, inexperienced contractor was hired to paint a home. Not knowing the correct way to do it, the contractor didn’t take the time to remove loose and peeling paint. They used the wrong type of paint. The result: An experienced Tulsa Home Painter had to come in to fix the problem at the customer’s expense.

• Find out how long the contractor has been in business. There is no substitute for experience.

• Look at some of their work. A good contractor will have plenty of pictures.

• Call references. An experienced painter will be able to give you at least three references.

2. Be sure to use the right paint. Using the wrong type of paint for the job can be a disaster with cracking and peeling being the result.

• A good painter will have enough experience so that he knows how to figure out what type of paint you need and how much of it you will need.

• He will have an eye for detail.

3. There is nothing worse than a sloppy job. One homeowner was aghast to find paint chips in the flower beds, paint splatters dried onto the concrete driveway and overspray on the windows.

• Choose a contractor that advertises their tidiness.

• Check references. Did they clean up after themselves?

4. Watch out for hidden costs. There’s nothing worse than finding out half way into the job that there are going to be more costs than you originally budgeted for.

• If there is large furniture to be moved, is this included in the bid? There shouldn’t be any hidden surprises.

• Is any necessary fixing and patching included in the bid? It should be.

5. Interior painting takes special care

• If there are several rooms to be done in the same home, the contractor should finish one room and clean it up before moving on to the next room. This way, the family is less disturbed.

• The contractor should have a solid beginning and ending date. Expect contractors to work consistently to get your job finished.

6. Don’t pay everything up front

• There is no motivation to finish a job if a contractor has been paid in full up front. Pay one-half down and the rest when the job is complete.

Also, open windows and doors to ensure good ventilation when working inside. Move furniture and other personal belongings out of the workspace. Completely cover and protect light fixtures and ceiling fans. Remove outlet covers and hardware if necessary. Use drop cloths to protect indoor flooring, outdoor furniture, countertops, and appliances. If any of the furniture gets ruined, we recommend to hire Ridly furniture disposal. Old furniture removal is not usually a simple task. It’s virtually impossible to accomplish on your own, heavy, uncomfortable, and difficult to manage. Even more help and gear, like a dolly, could be required to move the larger items. You still need to drop it off to the landfill or for charity even if you can get someone to help you with the hard lifting.

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